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5.56/30 cal drill fixture

NOTE: TO COMPLETE YOUR SUPPRESSOR YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED ATF FORM 1. DRILLING YOUR SOLVENT TRAP WITHOUT APPROVAL IS CONSIDERED A FEDERAL CRIME. Bob is back and showing off our latest product, the 5.56/30 cal drill fixture. Introducing our … Readmore


This post will help you through the steps of processing your ATF eForm 1 and hopefully remove some of the confusion.

Solvent Traps are LEGAL!

Some people are nervous about owning a solvent trap to clean firearms. Those who feel this way obviously just want to make sure they are abiding by the law, but with a little research into the facts they will find … Readmore

.22LR Drill Fixture Overview

Bob is back with another breakdown of a Quietbore product. Our latest product is the 22lr Drill Fixture. Designed to make the final process simple and easy for .22lr aluminum and titanium kits this fixture allows for the drilling of … Readmore

Quietbore Product Overview

Hello everyone! In todays video we check out some products from a company we help out with called Quietbore. Quietbore manufactures solvent traps which are designed for cleaning your firearm. However with an approved ATF Form 1 a person can … Readmore